Give a gift that tells a story: a customized Champagne saber

Customizable gifts show the recipient that you took time out of your busy life to find and design something exceptional. You show how well you know that special person by giving them something they can treasure forever. A champagne saber is a gift that they can reuse on special occasions and think about your relationship each time they slash through a bottle of bubbly.

Champagne sabers come with a unique history dating back to Napoleon Bonaparte’s troops first slicing open a celebratory bottle. Each gifted California Champagne Saber develops its own story based on the moment it was given, and the times it is used.

Designing the gift box

To make the sabers special, we can fully customize them. First, our sabers come in an oakwood crate and stand. We can laser engrave a special message on the outside of the box, giving the recipient a first glance at how special the gift inside is.

Not only do the crates serve as a lovely way to present a champagne saber, but they also act as a display case. Because we understand that your recipient might want to display their champagne saber in a special place, we can also build a display box out of any type of wood. If you would like a truly unique display and gift box, please contact our customer service representatives.

Choosing the handle

We hand forge each blade and attach it to a handle of your choice. On our website, we offer wooden handles that represent the different species of trees in the Napa wine area: Blackwood for Napa, Naturalwood for Calistoga, and Rosewood for Sonoma. Our craftsmen also add a State of California design on the top of the handle.

If you have another look in mind, we can also work with you to design a handle made of mother of pearl, another natural wood, or a composite design. If you have something special in mind, contact our customer service representatives to talk about your ideas.

Engraving the blade

Once you decide on the construction of your customized saber handle, the next step is to choose the message you would like on the hand-polished steel blade. We can laser engrave one or both sides in five different font styles. If you prefer a different font for engraving, or wish to engrave a custom logo, please contact us.

At California Champagne Saber, we take great pride in delivering outstanding customer service. We look forward to working with you to create a true one-of-a-kind gift for that special person in your life.